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Synergy Copper Silver Brass Bracelet Synergy Tri Tone Copper Bracelet with brass and sterling silver

This bracelet rocks! Beautiful and so useful. Hand made, copper, brass and silver. Advocates claim copper and silver contain anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial properties, and helps relieve arthritic pain. FYI: Brass used in jewelry is approx 85% copper and Sterling Silver is 7.5% copper.

DIMENSIONS Thickness: wire 3mm Balls: 10mm. Length 7"

OPTIONS Available in Silver, 14k White,Yellow or Rose. Custom lengths, wire thickness and balls available. Please call for pricing.

Price: $125.00
ACCRA Diamond Studed Gye Nyame Bangle Bracelet in 14k gold

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14k Yellow Gold cuff bracelet with paved  Diamonds SYMBOL: Ghana: Adinkra: Gye Nyame Hand engraved. Priced For up to 7.5" in length


Symbol Size: Approximately 17mm x 15mm

Bracelet wire width: 3mm

Bracelet Length: 7.5"


Diamonds .50 carats


Available in Platinum 18K &14k White, Yellow or Rose Please call for pricing.

Price: $4,346.00
Cowry Shell Twisted Wire Wrap Bangle with sterling silver

Sterling Silver. Hand Crafted. 2mm Twisted Wire. Cowry Shell Approx 15 x 21mm . Sizes of Cowry Shells vary slightly. Bracelet Length 7.5 inches.

Price: $245.00
Tanta Nile Ankh & Lotus Bangle in sterling silver

Sterling Silver Bangle with Black, Red & Green Enamel. SYMBOL: Egyptian: Ankh and Lotus .


Symbol sizes : Ankh 11mm x 15.5 mm. Lotus 16.5 mmx14mm  


Available in 14k White,Yellow or Rose, Platinum.  Can come in all Black Red Green enamel or color of your choice.  Please call for pricing.

Price: $165.00
Vintage Silver Afro Head Bangle in sterling silver

Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet.

Reminiscent of the 1960's and 70's. Limited supply available


Wire: 2.5mm thick

Length: Approx 7.5 inches


Available in Platinum and 14k White,Yellow or Rose. For pricing, please call for more information.

Price: $225.00
ONE Bracelet in sterling silver


Beautiful. Presence. Sterling Silver Gye Nyame Cuff Bracelet. Width: 58mm tapers down to 30mm in back.  Carry your self in style. Please see symbols page for definition.

Price: $850.00
Black Onyx Gye Nyame Cuff Bracelet in sterling silver

Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet with Black Onxy Stone in center. Bracelet is adjustable. Each side carries the Ghanaian symbol Gye Nyame. Please see symbols page for definition.

Price: $625.00