Jendayi Collection
Jewelry That Tells A Story...

What if, through the many symbols of our world's peoples, we found common hopes, beliefs, ideologies and virtues? What if, through the paths of many, we found the truth of One? Jendayi Collection, known for ingenuity, artistry and superior craftsmanship, specializes in unique, symbolic, culturally inspired wedding rings and fine jewelry. In the spirit of love and service, Jendayi Collection, Jewelry That Tells A Story... honors the common links and universal themes of diverse peoples, increasing the global conversation of that which unites instead of separates. Browse through our pages and find yourself immersed in beauty, elegance and meaning. Each product is made with the best materials, care and precision.

We increase the global conversation
about common beliefs truths & hopes
that transcend race, gender, age & culture.

We provide excellent craftsmanship
and superior service, in an timely
& gracious way.

We help create a world that works
for everyone and
Give Thanks! (Jendayi!)